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Yocal Books Q&A


Q: What’s the suitable age for Yocal Books?

A: Yocal Books is quite easy to use. It an be company with the parents under 2, 2-5 could use by themselves.

Q: What’s the difference between Yocal Books and LivePen?

A: Yocal Books own “Open and auto response”, “Touch” function patents. It can directly response without any tools. Replay and listen is the best way for learning language.

Q: Why don’t we buy 3C product instead of Yocal Books.

A: We are trying hard to avoid kids knowing about iphone, ipad in the early step. It truly harm for kid’s eyes and mind as they cannot distinguish right or false. However early reading is good for building kid’s oral and thinking development. Yocal Books use vivid illustration and sentence even a story, a song to cultivate kids.

Instruction Q&A:

1. Q: How to do if touch response delay.

     A: Touch reaction is related to the body electricity and environment. We recommend use             2-3 fingers to touch. If there is any delay, please restart.

2. Q: How to do when the book plays on and off.

     A: If it plays not smoothly, might was battery problem. Please change new battery                        instead.

3. Q: How to do If I would like to listen the song again.

     A: Please pull out and insert the book again when the book is closed, or restart it.

4. Q: Where can I find the lyrics of the book.

     A: Lyrics are printed on the back cover. Please read B1 lyrics on B2 back cover, B2 lyrics              on B3 back cover, B3 lyrics on B1 back cover.

5. Q: Why I touch the right picture on interactive page, it turns out wrong answering.

     A: Please check if you touch the exactly position. If your touching point is out of the                      picture, it will response wrong answering.

6. Q: Why the record voice is too small.

     A: To avoid sound too small, please close to the microphone when you are recording.

7. Q: Why I can't replay the page content.

     A: Please check if you haven't erased last record. If so, press the function button for 3 sec           and click again.

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