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YOYOSHOP design our audio book especially on "Education", "Inspiration". Combines "Open and Auto Respnse" and "Touch Function" with book. Don't need any buttons or tools and directly play the songs or words, did improves book interest。

We found that repeat the sentence and words is the best way for learning language. Yocal as a speaking kid, talk, company with your children. 

Based on "LOVE" desin

■ Handy packing: To promote and encourage environmental, we don’t use too much packing material. Each set contained three books + a packing box, handy and easy to store.

■ Play and record button two in one: 

Play button>> When you are turning the page, book plays the according content. If you are not ready and want to listen again, click the button will replay the content.

Record button>> There are a lot of double-income family bring about they don’t have much time accompany their kids. With record function, parents could record their voice. So kids can only open the specific page, click button and listen their parent voice.

■ Interesting interactive learning:

Learning will be a happy and volunteered habit. Yocal Books motivate kids imagination, thinking and potential. Parents can also take part in learning with their kids to enhance the relationship besides kids read by their own.

■ Adjustable volume button:

It can adjust the volume for your need when you are at different place or would like to share each other.

■ Vivid illustration and cute melody:

Color and voice are very important for toddler, Yocal Books own vivid illustration and easy-to-remember song to help children learning which motivated imagination, creativity, enhance memory and cultivate temper.

Yocal Books Characteristic

                     Touch response→ As a real man accompany.


                     Open response→ Enhance reading interest.


                     Original song→ Shortly strengthen impression.


                     Record function→ Considering message board.


Yocal Books Patents

(1) Taiwan Utility Patent:M519278 

(2) China Invention Patent:201510124151.2

(3) United State Invention Patent Apply Number:15/049,364

(4) 智慧型電子語音書台灣發明專利證書號碼:I550501

Yocal Books Instruction

1. Open the battery cover and install AAA*3.

2. Turn on and insert the book into the model.

3.  Book plays the song when it is on position.

PS. Insert on the covering page, plays completely book song. Insert on the in-page, plays according contents. Please pull out then insert the book again if you want to replay the song or restart on the covering page.

4. Open the book, it plays according page. Touch the picture, it plays according word or sentence.


● For imitating kid’s hand, we suggest adult use two finger or more to touch the picture.

● Environment will affect the touch function. Please stay 2-3 sec for touch response.

● Please restart if it has any malfunction.

<TWO-IN-ONE button Play/Record>

Click button>> At the book cover, book plays record hint.

At the in-page, book plays according content. If you already recorded on the according page, book plays your record, or returns to factory setting.

- Record Hint -​

●Press 3 sec, erase record.

●Press 5 sec, start record, loose button stop record.

*Record length->> Each record up to 15sec/ 6 pages total up to 90sec


● For getting good record quality, please close to the microphone when you are recording.

<Sweet Hint>

  • When the book isn’t on position, it hints “Please put the book on position”.

  • When the voltage is under 30%, it hints “I’m going to run out of power. Please change the battery”.

  • When there is no reaction over 3 sec, it hints for answering.

Yocal Books collect full and living content. Children could efficiently learn the language as they replay the page.

Currently we have 3 series in the beginning included "Yocal Phonics", "Yocal Loves Fruit" and "Yocal Loves Animal". We will have more series and extended product in the future.

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